MPCNC Build in Hamburg Germany

Hello World,

i wanted to share some progress of my MPCNC with you (and some minor modifications i did).

I went for bigger Nema 17, mainly because the smaller ones were not available when i sourced my parts (and they were actually cheaper). Added an axial bearing to the Z Axis to protect the bearings of the motor.

All mechanical parts are made of carbon fiber reinforced PLA (i got it quit cheap, and i must admit its the best Filament i ever had - tolerances ± 0,02 mm).

My table (work in progress):

This mess is going to be my enclosure one day…

Progress today:

Just love the look of this Filament

Hopefully my Spindle will arrive on Monday, then i will finish the mechanical build. After that my favorit job. Wiring.


To be continued :slight_smile:


I can see some of the pictures.

I made a posting yesterday but there was some trouble with the forums and it was getting late so i did not rewrite all the text.

Okay, here we go again :slight_smile:

During the last month i was a bit short of time, but i am nearly finished with my MPCNC project, my latest progress:

[attachment file=96745]

[attachment file=96746]
[attachment file=96747]

Made an enclosure to secure the peace with my neighbours

[attachment file=96744]

Some cable management (just boxes with screw terminals to mount the shielded cables i used for the motors, guess it is better to go this way when using a spindle)

[attachment file=96748]

Testing the dimensional accuracy:

[attachment file=96749]

And a crown of cause:

[attachment file=96750]

Pretty happy so far, there are some imperfections but i guess i can blame the wobbly pen mount (only some zip ties) and the not machined waste board.

I guess i can start milling this weekend, pretty excited :smiley:


Little fun fact about my machine: When i first started the machine i got the steps / rotation wrong (using estlcam) so my MPCNC moved ten times faster than i expected- the whole table made a small jump forward (it was moving at 400mm/s not 40 mm/s). BUT and here props to the design and the designer: nothing broke or failed.

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Okay, the forum is still behaving strange, the post was not accepted and appeared half an hour later :slight_smile: in case the pic´s don´t work her is a google album: