MPCNC Build to Create Walking Sticks

I purchased Primo (1" SS Tube) parts, stepper motors, wiring kit, circuit boards, etc. early in the Pandemic with the intent of building a modest 24" x 24" CNC for our community woodshop. Other members wanted a more commercial system and we ended up with a NextWave Shark (also 24" x 24") which serves most of our projects. I’m now wondering how best to use the parts on hand.

I’m considering a special build sized to create custom walking sticks. Initially I assumed a 4 axis X, Y, Z & A system that would handle objects 35" x 6" x 3.5" x 360` but after studying X-Carve and reading on the net I’m beginning to understand that movement in the "Y’ direction is not needed. I could route the Y movement to the rotary stepper.

I see that the MPCNC size calculator will accept 0 for either the X or Y axis and generate a parts list. I’m guessing I could build a system with no movement in either the X or Y. Is that a possibility. If so, will I be the 1st to make this MPCNC build?

Thanks for any advise.


Joseph (Joe) Gibson


Rotary/4th axis questions come across this forum occassionally. Usually they are exploratory, but there have been some successful builds. I suggest you search for the terms “rotary” and “4th axis” on this forum as a starting point. Here is one topic of a successful build. That topic includes links to a Thingiverse page of a 3D printed 4th axis for the MPCNC.


You’re right that it is easier to use the Y axis for the rotation.

I haven’t seen an MPCNC build where the Y was completely clamped down. I wonder if there are better parts than the trucks and maybe even the Y rails to make that work.

You might also consider making that axis 12" or so. It would be quick to change back and forth. You might find a use for the MPCNC occasionally.