MPCNC Build - Tubing Order - SpeedyMetals Review

I have read several topics requesting where to order tubing so I wanted to share my experience.

Note: USA based review - your mileage may vary

My MPCNC will have a 26x26" cut area and I plan to use the Makita router. Using the V1 calculator, I put together my cut list. I decided on 304SS for my build… honestly, standard CS DOM would likely be fine (and many on the forum can attest to this), but for the price difference (and discount I found discussed later), I decided on SS.

I don’t have a chop saw for steel and wasn’t too excited about using a hack saw or the like to cut all the pieces. I read on the forum where someone mentioned and I decided to check them out. They had the 304SS tubing (1.0"x .065" thickness) and they also offered a per inch, cut-to-length option. For all the pieces, cut-to-length, I was looking at about $190+S&H, but I found a coupon code for 20% off $200+ (I believe the code was TWENTY). I am planning on building the min-Z height option, but it had crossed my mind of adding an extra 3/4 to 1" of height for a spoil board design. Since I needed an extra $10ish dollars to use the coupon, I added an additional four legs to my order. With the coupon, this put me right at $160 and then with shipping I ended up paying $180-185. I thought this was a pretty good deal with everything considered; 304SS tubing, cut-to-length, shipped to my door.

I placed my order on 1/6 and the package arrived on 1/12. I was impressed that I received my order in four business days (still waiting on my filament…)! The tubing was packaged very well. It was in a cardboard tube with plastic caps on both ends. The ends were also wrapped with plastic and taped very well. Upon opening, I found all the tubing tightly wrapped together with more plastic wrap.

The tubing is straight to the eye and passes the roll test, but I don’t have any practical way to measure straightness. The OD measures right at 1" as it should. All the pieces were accounted for and all were between 1/16"-1/8" long (as expected. Quoted tolerance was +1/8", -0"). For each length of tubing, all the pipe measures to be the same length (meaning I do not have one leg at 2 1/2" and another at 2 5/8", rather all were right at 2 9/16"). The edges are sharp and almost all of the pieces have a slight burr on one side. This should be easily filed off.

I had printed a couple of the required pieces to be able to test fit (type J prints, 25.4mm). Both the leg and one of the corner pieces fit great. The leg was a little snug sliding in, but I have not deburred the ends of the tube. I suspect once deburred they will slide in nicely.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with The order was correct and shipping was prompted. This may be a good option for others who do not have access to a local shop or do not want to make their own cuts.