MPCNC Bundle w/RAMBo card

I am wanting to place an order for the MPCNC Parts Bundle with the RAMBo series card. There are 2 options, one “Series Wiring Kit” and the other “Dual Firmware & Wiring Kit”. Is the ‘Dual’ mean the dual end stop option? Might seem obvious but I can think of at least one other possible meaning and want to make sure before I place the order that I get it right.

The second thing is it looks like the RAMBo cards are currently out of stock. When might they come back into stock and is there any way of pre-ordering the order and it be charged and shipped as soon as it comes back into stock? I am about 3/4 of the way through printing out all the parts and would be nice to get the hardware soon. Doing a split order would mean paying freight for both shipments.

All answered.

Got the Dual answer elsewhere, dual end stops.

As for the out of stock, this morning, refreshing, it is in stock. Looks like I might have had a cached page.

Order has been placed.


Sorry Bud, rough vendor week. Slowly getting inventory back in. I update it as it arrives.