MPCNC Burly (25mm) fully functional (Germany, Ravensburg)

Due to limited time I have to give away my MPCNC Burly (25mm). Working size is 420x340x100 mm. I sell it either mounted (with or without table) or in pieces - whatever is prefered. X- and Y- endstops are included.

Pure MPCNC with motors, cables, endstops, arduino uno board + cnc shield with 3x DRV8825 motor drivers, 3D printed electronics housing, fan + 12V power supply: 400 EUR

Additional table with 6mm screw nuts in a 7x7 checker board pattern for part clamping: 100 EUR

If wanted I can give away an extra

  • milling motor (AMB 800 FME) including 3d printed holder: 200 EUR
  • milling motor (KATSU 710 W) including 3d printed holder: 40 EUR

Pickup would be great, but I ship it if required, too (shipping costs extra).

Phone/ Whatsapp: +41 791761607

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