MPCNC Burly parts for giveaway

Hi all,

A year ago I started printing the wrong parts for my MPCNC Primo, so now I have abunch of Burly parts. If you want to pay for shipping, just DM me and I can send the parts to you. I’m in south east USA.
They’re free, but if you wanted to throw 20 bucks my way, I wouldn’t turn it down! First come/pay, first serve.

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I forgot to include an image of the parts. See attached.


Hans, I just picked up a kit from eBay for the Primo and am unsure which size it is. Mine appears to be an early version pre-burly. Assuming these parts work for me, I may be interested. What do you think the best way for me to determine my version and size are? My kit is blue and gray which leads me to believe it’s the 25mm version. I guess a good set of calipers may be needed to check this.

The kit was advertised as “3D printer parts”. I recognized that this was incorrect. I’ll see if I can post pics of the supplied parts.

Well, I’m pretty sure that you got ripped off, at least a little. The Primo version is newer than the Burly though. The kits I’ve seen on eBay (Before they get taken down for IP infringement) are generally as expensive, if not more expensive than buying directly from V1, and do not support the development of the product.

For the size, look on the parts, they will be marked with a “C”, “J”, or “F”

C is for Conduit, and works with 23.5mm OD (3/4" nominal) electrical conduit, commonly available in North America at big box stores.

J is for Jumbo, and fits 25,4mm (1" tube) structural tubing, either mild or stainless steel.

F is for Foreign and fits 25mm structural tube, generally available in countries that have converted completely to the metric system, ie: the world outside of North America.

The letters will be marked on most of the supplied plastic parts.


Hi Jeremy,
Yeah, the Burly parts would help you anyways if you got the parts for the Primo. It’d just be confusing in the end.

Are these still available? Is it a complete set? Shipping cost to 40065?