MPCNC Case in Store?


First I want to thank you for taking the time to design, and manage something that not only intrigues me and others, but also is affordable, and relatively easy to assemble.

With that said, I have purchased a complete MPCNC kit from you, and added the LCD, after much consideration and reading on my part. Without a 3D printer at my disposal, I also added the EMT printed parts to my order. I can not emphasize enough how much fun for me this has been to build. I did get sucked into this via a different hobby, and read info for months before pulling the trigger. Luckily enough for me, I decided on V1 Engineering, before all the dust was stirred up. Even today, I’m confident in my decision, and although I have an opinion on that kerfuffle, I’m choosing to leave it at that. I love the product thus far, and don’t see an end to that feeling once I am able to start drawing and cutting.

I hope I’ve chosen the correct topic for this post, although it’s not “part development” per-say, as much as store recommendations? I’m also keeping an eye on the LR2, for a possible future buld, for the infamous “Foam Ripper” that I know you’re familiar with, or at least heard of before. I mention this only because of how it’s related to my question. With your latest build (to the best of my knowledge), I saw the added value of the box for the RAMBO board, and the LCD screen box for the MPCNC. In my excitement to order the MPCNC, I didn’t even consider this going in. And now that I’ve build all the mechanics, and I’m now at electronics I realized something not considered by me until now. Trying to fix the problem caused by me, I went to the shop. I thought I missed adding the boxes to my order, but it appeared that it’s not an option? (or I’m missing it) I then looked for any option to buy the boxes in the store, and couldn’t find any (again could be failure at my end). Thinking I was confusing information, I then looked closer at the LR2 again, and saw it is an option with the printed parts (for the mini-RAMBO). But it would seem that there isn’t a path to fix my oversight. Or in the case of the LR2 if I went that path first, and I made the same mistake it would appear I wouldn’t be able to fix that either.

Can the boxes be added to the store as it’s own part for purchase? So someone like me, can obtain a box for the RAMBO board and the LCD screen?

Thanks for your time and vision!

Steve McHugh


Thanks for the kind words.


The boxes can’t be added alone because it causes potential shipping issues for me. The are very big and fragile. So the shipping costs usually only makes sense (and would be safe during shipping) with the rest of the parts. You are also asking about the Rambo box which is even larger and does not fit with the parts in the box. It is a bummer. Although you have a CNC now and cutting a cool box is a great project to start with!