MPCNC Electronics Case


There’s been some discussion of enclosures lately on the Facebook group, just wanted to post some pictures of what I came up with here as well.

Designed the corner fittings, attachment tabs, board/PSU mounting crossbars, and front/back panels in SolidWorks and printed them. Uses leftover EMT conduit from the MPCNC build and houses a RAMBo 1.3, 30A power supply, and potentially a Raspberry Pi in the future. It’s pretty versatile and could be used for almost any MPCNC configuration or really anything else. The aviation connectors are wired for dual endstop firmware with each axis motor having its own connector paired with its respective endstop wiring.

The intent is to make some acrylic panels with fan mounts to fully enclose the case, but that hasn’t happened yet since the case is out of the way of the dust.

If anyone wants the files, I can put them on Thingiverse.

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That looks super rugged! Awesome work.

Had all that leftover EMT and wanted to design something that could be changed with ease. Any issues that you see?

No looks awesome. I have a pile of conduit, and this gives me ideas for a few other things!

Maybe just make sure it is out of the way, under the table, from the flying debris and it should be awesome!

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Thanks for sharing. You can’t drag me to Facebook, so I like it when the good stuff makes it here.

This design is very clever. It looks tough enough for a black box. It would be great to use it as a base for something really fancy, like this:

When i was designing it, i made the decision to go with inset printed or acrylic panels for the sides, but i also did consider making the fittings with holes for attaching the side panels as more of a skin around the metal frame so as not to show the conduit. Ultimately didn’t go that route, mostly because i thought it would keep the MPCNC aesthetic the way i have it, but it would definitely be easy enough to add in any side panel you wanted using the existing pieces or by slightly modifying them.

Jeff, what in the holy hell would you use something like that for!!! It looks totally awesome, but to map something like that out with all of those buttons and knobs… wow!

I think it’s mostly a graphics task. Some panels only have 6 buttons. I would make them do stupid things, like open a browser, or play a sound. Just for fun.

That project was on that I was convinced I would do on my MPCNC. I still want to, but the design will take a while.

In case anyone is interested, here’s the Thingiverse link:


One of the screens that’s over my main screens on my desktop is a touch screen. Kinda handy when the lower three are running elite dangerous and I need to look up a trade route or something.


Thanks for sharing great idea done very well.


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