MPCNC Electronics Setup

Looking for a more detailed guide or video on the electronics setup related to the bundle that we decided to order for the mpcnc.

We found the very basic setup information here, but was hoping to find a more detailed version on how to wire everything up. We have a power cable, some other wires and the motherboard, but beyond that we are guessing. The videos we have watched seem to skip past all of this.

Are there any additional recommendations as relates to the mini-rambo-1-3? Trying to avoid blowing out this motherboard before we get started.

Thanks in advance. Obviously not a great deal of experience in this area.

What are you stumped on, that might help me help you? This pictures is all that is needed to run a CNC, the board is labeled for each axis.

It can be very intimidating but it is pretty straight forward. DONT plug or unplug ANYTHING under power. Connect the stepper wires without any belts on. If two steppers are turning opposite its VERY tempting to just swap it quick. DONT DO IT shut it down first.

And ignore the stepper wire colors on examples. Yours might be different. There are only two ways to connect them and if you get it wrong they just turn the wrong direction.