MPCNC Firmware conversion from miling to Plasma

Hi all,
I just purchased a Primeweld CUt60 to convert my MPCNC into a plasma cutter. I need help to understand what to change on Marlin FW and what to connect to trigger the plasma cutter. can anyone give me a help referring sources to FW change, THC with the Z endstop, and workflow w/ Fusion360 post processor? thank you in advance

Thank you for all that viewed this post and no reply, I assume no one has experience wiring plasma to a MPcnc. to be honest I can never get help in this forum, looks like there is a secret code or needs to be pictures of a build machine to truly get into the group that helps.IDK just seems that way

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I can not speak for everyone but not many people jump at the chance of helping people with lethal voltages. I am sorry you feel like we are not helping.

You will see a lot of “this is how I did it” but not many, “here is how you should do it” threads.

I saw your post and steered clear for the fact that a lot of your post did not add up. I felt you needed to do some more research on your own before I got involved. Here is exactly what I used to build mine, Lowrider2 Plasma Build. If you have some questions from there, I am sure you will get more help when you get more specific. What you are asking about is not how most people do this and there is a whole ton of info to cover.

As a business owner I will not be offering any of this as a kit, my insurance company would have a fit.

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hi @vicious1 , I asked for reference just like you sent me here. thks for that… Looks like in that post you sent me they are using LinuxCNC which is not what I am have(the THC looks promissing and I want to try after I can get basic plasma cutter on/off working). I tried to follow this post My attempt at a MPCNC Primo Plasma cutter - #2 by keeze but I cant actually find the reference to Marlin Firmware change. I am using Marlin2.x on a Mks SGen L (it is working well as MPcnc milling, thks for that), but I am not sure how to config Laser on Fan Pin (probably should be my original post). do you know any reference to Laser on Fan Pin Fw/connection using m106/107 so I can use fusion post processor?

If you have a plasma cutter that can be CNC controlled you just add in a relay to control the pin, from there you use M106 and your fan pin number in your gcode, Set Fan Speed | Marlin Firmware

We do not use Marlin because it does not allow for real time changes for things such as THC. Linux CNC and plasmac also take out the need for Fusion and a post processor.

You can use marlin for basic plasma cutting, estlcam and fusion will both do gcode well enough to run the torch (pierce and lead ins). The second you mention THC that all goes away. So what I have learned is if you use a water table and 1/4" plus material you will probably be okay without THC, but for the best of the best and thinner material you need THC, and a water table, controlled with something use specific like linuxcnc and a real time controller.

That is about the extent of my knowledge I have not put my build through it’s paces yet and I am not sure how well my THC functions yet, it does seem to work but until I see it cut corrugated metal I won’t really trust I did it all right.

thank you for this… I am trying to set this up first, then I will move on to LinuxCNC. I have no experience w/ Plasma CNC yet. I have no water bed but I will be cutting 1/4 simple shapes. no THC for now only Marlin. I am trying to set the machine to plasma ASAP to help a friend to build a metal scupture. very urgent … again thks for your input @vicious1

Yeah. I can only help with what I know and I know less than you about metal work. So yeah, not every post gets responses. That is what happens on a free forum.