MPCNC fom Italy

Hello there. First of all thanks to vicious for this amazing open project.

Build area 1x1 METER
Cut Area 65x65x10 CM

Some pic :slight_smile:

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Looks good.

Need to find myself a power strip that is individually switched like that, pretty sweet.

This one looked like it would work…

Another one.

THANK YOU vicious1


Hi Paolo, fellow italian here :slight_smile:

IS that a makita or the katsu clone?
Can you point me to that tool holder w.dust shoe and vacuum attachment?
Looks neat!

ciao ti seguo dall’italia ti ho mandato un messaggio privato se puoi rispondere grazie XD

Hi Matteo,

I’m another maker from Rome, let’s keep in touch!

So far I’ve printed all parts and bought steppers from Germany (steppersonline); I’m waiting for aliexpress orders to move on with mounting.

I foresee some issues with M4 nuts, which are way smaller than corresponding holes in printed parts. I plan to fix that with hot glue.

I’ll use aluminum profiles from Brico (6 € per 1 meter, 25mm OD, 1,5mm thickness)

Please share info about your mill and your experience building!