MPCNC For Sale in North Georgia USA

My MPCNC is going up for sale… my new CNC build is tallying up to be more than I expected (I’m overdoing a few things… spectacularly, lol) and I want to use the MPCNC table for the new CNC anyway.

I will include everything but the table… minirambo, all 3d printed parts, enough conduit for anything smaller than 42x24 work area, wiring kit, all hardware, DW660…

for a price of $250 picked up. If you need pictures, there are some in my build thread that you should be able to access by clicking my username.

Thanks for reading… :slight_smile:


Bumping this because I’ve decided to make a change to the listing… I’d be willing to entertain shipping to a buyer who understands that I can’t/won’t personally support helping you figure out how to work the machine. All electronics are functional. Everything in good order. Obviously can’t ship the conduit. Continental US only.

Sold to local buyer.

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