MPCNC for Sale - Indiana

I am looking to sell my heavily customized MPCNC. It is located in the Lafayette, IN area.
1" Stainless Steel Conduit from SpeedyMetals ($136 new)
Syntheos grblShield ( ($50 new)
Printed Parts ($135 new)
Hardware, 24v Power Supply ($207 new)
JTech 2.8w Laser, controller, shields, and 2 pairs of safety glasses ($347 new)
Aquarium Pump ($32new)
400W Brushless Spindle and Power Supply ($130 new)
DeWalt DWP611 ($120 new)
Drag Knife (7 new, unused) Table, Wiring, etc. (~60)
TOTAL: $1,224 New – Asking $800 OBO

This is the MPCNC Burly Design for 1" conduit. The machine itself is mainly stock except for using a 9mm GT2 belt instead of 6mm and it has Stainless Steel conduit instead of standard EMT. Working area is approximately 30" in X and 20" in Y.
This machine uses a GRBL controller that is wired to a selector switch to connect the signal to the laser or CNC. The CNC signal turns on an SSR which will power the outlet for the spindle when the CNC power is turned on the contol. The laser selection sends the signal from the control board to the laser controller and the laser switch turns on the other outlet which powers the laser controller and aquarium pump. This has been a really great machine for me, but as I take on more projects and orders I am looking to get a CO2 laser and need space.
Please let me know if you have any questions! Serious inquiries can contact me at

Mike I am actually moving to Kokomo. I am coming from Illinois. As a newbie to cnc I have some interest. I think we should talk.

Very cool! Kokomo is just down the road. Shoot me an e-mail at and we can work through details.

Man, if you could just find someone who is willing to drop $2000 on a X-Carve and tell them that you have a better machine for half the money. Nice job.

Sharp looking setup!

If you don’t mind me asking, are the hinges on the swing up/drop table printed or mass produced? I would be interested in printing/assembling my own but haven’t really found a DIY option.

Haha, love that marketing idea!

Sorry to disappoint, but I just used a mass produced option I got off Amazon:


I am that someone…as I am the new owner of Mike’s great build!
Thank you Mike for the great deal and sorry for the many questions I had!!
Let’s get to work!!