MPCNC For Sale - Southern California

I got a good deal on a different CNC frame from a friend and am selling my barely used MPCNC.

I am selling the entire machine minus the motors, motor wiring and power supply. I currently have it setup for Nema23s on the X and Y axis and a normal Nema17 on Z. I have the cutting area defined as 800 x 550mm in Marlin but I think it can go a little bit bigger. I have beefed up some of the parts and created custom parts but everything is 100% compatible with original MPCNC parts.

What it includes:

  • Stainless steel rails ( 1", 25.4mm heavy wall from Misumi, I didn't skimp )
  • All printed parts printed with 4 perimeters, 4 top and bottom layers and 55% infill in Prusa Galaxy Black PLA at a higher temp for good layer bonding. The XY Carriage is printed in white PLA but with the same settings.
  • A lot of extras ( dust shoes, motor mounts, legs, lots of random parts )
  • All belts, bearings, nuts, bolts, screw, doo dads, thing-a-ma-bobs needed to put the machine together. I bagged up everything when I tore the machine down.
  • Dual end-stops and wiring
  • 10mm wide belts ( uses double bearings.. see pictures )
  • Cable chain / mounts
  • Mounts for the aviation style plugs ( see pictures )
  • Dust shoe for DW660
  • SKR 1.3 32bit controller
  • 5 TMC2208s
  • Dewalt DW660 Router
  • Chinese 500W spindle with speed controller, er11 collet and separate power supply
  • Basically everything you need except the motors, motor wiring and main power supply.
  • A motor wiring kit from V1 Engineering but I am not sure it will reach all the way to every motor since this is a big setup. I made my own shielded wires to reduce possibility of line noise.
What this does not come with:
  • Spoil board - you wouldn't want mine anyway, I don't even want it hehe
  • Motors
  • Motor wiring ( you do get the V1 Engineering set but it may not be long enough )
  • Power Supply ( I highly recommend getting a 24V with 15+ amps )
I easily have over $600 and hundreds ( literally hundreds, probably 300+ ) hours of printing in this machine and all the extra pieces.

I am asking $400. If you are in the Southern California area you can come pick it up. I would be willing to ship but buyer pays shipping.



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What would shipping cost to Oregon?

I will box it up and weigh it to see if I can get some estimates for you


Hi it is available

Sorry for the lack of responses. We brought a new daughter into the world and all CNC stuff got put on hold. The machine is still available if anyone is interested.

1 Like zip code is 43613 let me know what total would be please

is this still available please email with cost with shipping to 42103 if available. Thanks