MPCNC For Sale - Southern California

I got a good deal on a different CNC frame from a friend and am selling my barely used MPCNC.

I am selling the entire machine minus the motors, motor wiring and power supply. I currently have it setup for Nema23s on the X and Y axis and a normal Nema17 on Z. I have the cutting area defined as 800 x 550mm in Marlin but I think it can go a little bit bigger. I have beefed up some of the parts and created custom parts but everything is 100% compatible with original MPCNC parts.

What it includes:

  • Stainless steel rails ( 1", 25.4mm heavy wall from Misumi, I didn't skimp )
  • All printed parts printed with 4 perimeters, 4 top and bottom layers and 55% infill in Prusa Galaxy Black PLA at a higher temp for good layer bonding. The XY Carriage is printed in white PLA but with the same settings.
  • A lot of extras ( dust shoes, motor mounts, legs, lots of random parts )
  • All belts, bearings, nuts, bolts, screw, doo dads, thing-a-ma-bobs needed to put the machine together. I bagged up everything when I tore the machine down.
  • Dual end-stops and wiring
  • 10mm wide belts ( uses double bearings.. see pictures )
  • Cable chain / mounts
  • Mounts for the aviation style plugs ( see pictures )
  • Dust shoe for DW660
  • SKR 1.3 32bit controller
  • 5 TMC2208s
  • Dewalt DW660 Router
  • Chinese 500W spindle with speed controller, er11 collet and separate power supply
  • Basically everything you need except the motors, motor wiring and main power supply.
  • A motor wiring kit from V1 Engineering but I am not sure it will reach all the way to every motor since this is a big setup. I made my own shielded wires to reduce possibility of line noise.
What this does not come with:
  • Spoil board - you wouldn't want mine anyway, I don't even want it hehe
  • Motors
  • Motor wiring ( you do get the V1 Engineering set but it may not be long enough )
  • Power Supply ( I highly recommend getting a 24V with 15+ amps )
I easily have over $600 and hundreds ( literally hundreds, probably 300+ ) hours of printing in this machine and all the extra pieces.

I am asking $400. If you are in the Southern California area you can come pick it up. I would be willing to ship but buyer pays shipping.



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What would shipping cost to Oregon?

I will box it up and weigh it to see if I can get some estimates for you


Hi it is available

Sorry for the lack of responses. We brought a new daughter into the world and all CNC stuff got put on hold. The machine is still available if anyone is interested.

2 Likes zip code is 43613 let me know what total would be please

is this still available please email with cost with shipping to 42103 if available. Thanks

Hi - I am in Southern California (LA), if this is still avail, I’d love to purchase it and pick it up soon. If avail, reach out to me at:

It is. I am down in Vista just south of Camp Pendleton. Let me now when you can make it down and we can arrange a pickup.

@mpara It looks like I am unable to send emails to your email address. Can you please direct message me your phone number or another means of contact?

hey Sean,
if you haven’t sold yet, id be interested and im actually in Vista too

Hi Al,

It is funny because I actually just moved to Fallbrook and brought the MPCNC with me today. I will however be going back and forth between Fallbrook and Vista over the next week almost every day. If you would like to meet up I can bring it back down that way and we can work something out. Let me know when a good time would be to meet up and I will see if I can make it happen on my end.


reach out via email when you can, not at my computer much, thanks