I am parting with my MPCNC. It is built from all parts sold here with Rambo and dual end stops.

I am in Port Charlotte Florida. Torsion Box base with spoil board and all those anchors are included. That’s a roibi laminate trimmer I have installed there. Kinda lite duty, but you can put whatever you want.
Price is $250.00
Hate to let it go but my wife says we are moving on.
Prefer local pickup.

David Streeter


would you ship to 98661 i will pay shipping.

Hi there. The answer is yes.
I have started to break it down today. When I have finished and packed it up I’ll see what it looks like for shipping. some time tomorrow. I the mean time you can access my PayPal account at “” and credit me the $250.00 plus 6% paypal fee, which comes to $265.00.
Send me an email to that same address with delivery instructions and I’ll get a price on that portion. You do realize I will not be sending the Torsion Box base with spoil board as that would be too much to ship. Also the conduit is cheaper to purchase than it is for me to ship it to you.


Well it seems that Mr Ronald no longer exists. I have never heard a word back from him.
So the MPCNC still remains for sale. I have packaged it all up with no where to ship it. Let me know if you know someone interested.

David Streeter

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I am game, sending you email now…

Aren’t you worried you will disappear?

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one never knows…

David, thank you! I am very happy with my investment!

And thank you for answering my many questions!

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