MPCNC in a corner? This wall mounted support reduces vibration

So My MPCNC only has 80mm of Z travel and even with that, any rapid direction changes caused visible vibration of the 4 legs. So, since my machine’s table is attached to two walls in a corner of my shop, I figured why not take advantage of the wall for additional support.

The two linked files are simply a wall mountable base and a bolt together “T.” Grab the machine leg with the T and run a piece of conduit between the wall base and the T. Careful not to cause a bind.
For standard American conduit. I printed the T with PETG and the base with PLA. I placed one at the ends of the x and y axes.



Sorry, it is designed to use 3/4" 6-32 screws and lock nuts. 1 1/4" deck screws to mount it to the wall.

Nice. Love the idea.
For the next revision I am getting rid of the legs and just doing hard mounts. It originally had hard mounts and I feel it was the better way a little less “mostly printed” but a better machine.

I’m sorry, I’m not tracking. What are “hard mounts?” Can you share a pic?

The corner bottoms would just screw into some wood instead of the lock rail and foot.