mpcnc in Alabama

Heres a pic of my mpcnc. Dont have it dialed in yet because i ordered 20 teeth pulleys insted of 16.
Wife and kids just wants some fancy letters cutout of thin plywood. So tomorrow I’m off to the home depot for some wood to build a proper table. I’m 3d printing the holder for a makita router. that Im going to use to flycut the table. after i have it level and square.

What is that chuck with a stepper attached? 4th axis?

Yes its a 4th axis. I’m going to control it with another arduino to make some hex shaped parts.

Something very manual, like running a gcode file, then flip 60 degrees, then another gcode, etc?

Yes, very manual, On the mpcnc I dont even need gcode just move spindle by hand. Cut, Rotate, Cut, Rotate… Measure, move z axis down. Cut, rotate…ect. ect. I operate a electrical discharge machine (EDM) at work. I cut shapes out of graphite, and burn them into tool steel.

Can’t wait to see what parts come off of your machine!

Sorry, I didn’t take pics of the peace but its the black square on the end of the shiny rod.

I’m trying to upload a video to youtube. Its a Chinese cnc router cutting a part. When i get the 16t pulleys for my mpcnc. I will make a video using it.

Huh, I’ve never heard of that. Looks cool.

You’d get a kick out of wire edm. They can make a square hole on one side of a part, and it turns into a round hole on the other!