MPCNC in Davao Philippines

One inch size, with 400 watt router spindle, 4x4 foot work area.

Using ABS coated steel pipe racking table and 1.5 inch plywood top.

One mod for the machine was using stainless one inch pipe flanges that cost $2 each instead of the printed ones.

finished out, I used Belden 22ga shielded wire and GRBL controller.

Looks good. Lets see some videos of that giant thing in action when you start using it!

Do those flanges give good a rigid upright? Normally they have a set screw/grub screw don’t they? Wouldn’t that allow the upright to move more than if it’s clamped (like the printed part)? Perhaps it doesn’t matter.

looks great! where do you get your stuff from Davao? online or Manila?

I hand carried it all from Manila on a boat to CDO then a harrowing van ride across Mindanao where we had several near death experiences due to the van drivers idiocy.