MPCNC in the Pacific!

Hi All,

I built this machine in hopes of using it in our small makerspace and so far its running decently well, mostly pen cuts, foam and a little wood to start. 2x3 work area, and I’ve got supports printing, but for what limited cutting we’re doing right now, it’s okay. Not many CNC’s on Guam, and so far everyone that’s come by is excited at the prospect of learning to use it. Great design!


I really wish I got the larger rambo for the endstops now, as it seems a bunch of things we’re gonna would benefit from easier tool changes, and doing multipart jobs. I guess I’ll just have to pony up for the large board as I really like the rambo, don’t really want to mess with building a ramps/2560 build.


Ordered a few bits from drillman1, just waiting for them to get in before we start cutting seriously. Pics are on the temporary table until we build out the base for a new one.


Can’t wait to see the projects you make.

Have you seen the youtube channel some old guy coding? He has an in depth explanation of how to do tool changes (and it was before dual endstops).


I actually have. I may try the hardstops as moving it to home without them is a little inaccurate. I printed his tool change … tool, and really like it.


I do have a question though, does anyone just take the boot off the DW660? The one for the power cable? Also, any ideas on wiring up everything with the emergency stop button? should that button also shut off the router?

And one more, I have a ridgid router I really like, but it’s it’s quite heavy I think, is there a recommended tool weight limit for the gantry? Or is it just based on stiffness?

I did. I took off the quick change shrowd thingy too.

I just used a power strip to power everything, I could toggle the whole strip almost as fast as a button. If I were trying the estop button, I would get the 120VAC relay to control the router. Then you can turn it on and off with gcode too.

IDK about the router weight.

One of the first real cuts in scrap, maybe a little too deep per pass (1.5mm), and still getting the feel for controlling the speed of the DW660, but overall, it’s quite good! Very excited at the possibilities!

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Looks cool cutting through those layers. The brown edges are an indication of to high RPM’s or too slow feed rate.

Awesome, that’s what I was thinking. When the machine got to the 3rd pass, the spindle sounded like it was working a little too hard, and at 1.5mm depth per pass, I thought it was having trouble because more of the bit is being engaged at the 3rd pass, so I slowed the feed rate. First 2 passes were just fine, so should I try slowing down the spindle more then? Thanks for the great design.

Took another test cut when the bits from drillman1 came in, took off the 1/2 inch router v bit and used the carbide endmill. Looks like a good start! Used 1mm depth per pass at 15mm/s feed rate, looks okay.