MPCNC kit out of stock - any workarounds?

I’m interested in building an MPCNC with my son, and was hoping to get the kit delivered by xmas.

The kit is currently out of stock. Is there any way of knowing which parts are out of stock then purchasing the remainder, and sourcing other parts from elsewhere?

Or is there any ETA on the kit being available? I appreciate the supply chain issues that we are all facing, so this is sort of the story of my life at the moment…

Although the complete kit might be out of stock, it looks like the printed parts are available.

You could in theory source the parts from somewhere like Amazon - the links are included on the build docs (under the “Components” section:

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Ryan doesn’t put anything up for sale that isn’t already in his garage. The stock is always hovering around zero.

The best bet is to sign up for email alerts in the shop.

But everything is available somewhere else. There are a lot of links in the docs on the parts page. That’s totally ok.

If you want to make sure you support Ryan, you can send him a few digital dollars to make up for the sale. Totally not required.


The nuts and bolts are all easy to find. Go to a local nut and bolt supply store with the list, and it’s going to be pretty much a done deal. Might even be cheaper than the V1 store.

The other hardware, NEMA 17 motors, 608 skate bearings, GT2 bearings and pulleys, Wiring kits, T8 leadscrew and nut, and couplers, Power Supply, Coupler, lube, etc are all in stock in the V1 store, so it seems to me that it’s the nuts and bolts that are out of stock. While you’re at it, I’d add a few things that aren’t in the kit anyway. Touch plate, Collet (If you’re thinking of the Makita RT07xxxx router series), Wire sleeve, E-Stop button, control board… There’s a good list of nuts and bolts in the descriptiopn of the kit that you can use to obtain that hardware, that is, if you don’t want to wait to get started.

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I was gathering all materials around month ago and I would say, buy just the printed parts because they take ages to print DIY and buy all the mechanical and electronic components online. Everything took like 2.5 weeks to ship from various places. Or of course as other suggested keep an eye on the stock and try to snatch some if it is up again. Good luck anyway!

Example sources I’ve used:
Mechanical parts like nuts and bolts - not applicable - from local sources in Poland in my case
Board and screen-> HINT: do not finish the checkout process and after like 20minutes you’ll get 8% off promo code via SMS or even 10% if you reach out to support and just ask nicely :wink:
Steppers → Nema 17 - 42 x 42mm : 5pcs Nema 17 Bipolar 59Ncm ( ...

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Sorry I should have only been out for a hour or two. I kitted/boxed up 25 more this morning.

I typically have everything prepped, and keep 5-30 kitted up at any given time (takes up a lot of space). If I get low and sell those last 5-10 in a couple of hours I show out of stock until I get them shipped and realized I am out of ready to go kits. Printed parts are a bit different I print as fast as I can, but have not been out of printed parts in a long time, I update that inventory as each kits is finished.