MPCNC/LowRider derivatives?

Somebody posted on the facebook group controlling a circular saw with one of these. Ryan’s rolling assemblies are really well done, as far as I can tell. Well, I’m over here thinking: has anybody modified any of these parts to make a panel saw? Like the ones at home depot or lowes? Really would be convenient for me to have something like that in my garage. Like a LowRider, but mostly on its side. It would only have to cut up/down. I generally get my pieces home in 4x4, but after that I have to make whatever cuts to fit the piece, and my table saw is sorta small for that size. I end up cutting with a circular saw on a piece of foam on the floor, but there is much measuring and clamping, lol.

Anyway, before I start bending my brain, I figured if it’s a good idea, somebody else already did it.

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Someone brought this up very recently:

Short answer, it hasn’t been done and it’s really not advisable.


Hmmm. That guy seems to want a lot more than me. I’m thinking human powered, no steppers, one direction, one depth. But I hear you, loud and clear. Thanks for linking that, because I really don’t read through as much of the forum as I would like.

I’ve looked at a bunch of diy panel saws, and the ones built for what I’m willing to spend all seem very clunky and unrefined. If I come up with anything good, I’ll be sure to share i , because I doubt I’m the only one who would build it.