MPCNC, LR2, endurance 10w for sale

Built a new machine using 10mm acme lead screws, linear rails, and high torque nema 23. Also plunged into the world of Chinese CO2 lasers as I mostly cut clear acrylic.

LR2 - see my build thread here, works great, everything included (if local pickup) but the DeWalt router. By everything, I am also talking the beastly torsion table as well (pen, drag knife, DeWalt mount, universal mount I designed). This was the original kit sold by Ryan (minirambo and all his parts). Cutting area is full sheet plywood. $800 obo for everything (the table alone was $300 in raw materials).

MPCNC - the original kit sold by Ryan. see my build log here. Printed in PETG. Everything included (no table but does come with a 500w Chinese spindle, universal mount, power supply with variable speed and pwm support). $300 obo.

Endurance “Invincible” 10w “plus” laser - measured optical output of nearly 11w. Includes all power supplies, electronics. His included air assist was trash, you can have it if you want it. Will include the universal mount I designed (can mate to LR2 or MPCNC) $300 obo.

Everything I am selling is in full working order. Buy them all for $900.

Located in the Western PA/Eastern OH area.

So. Uh… where’s the build thread on the new machine? :slight_smile: