MPCNC mentioned in magazine

I wrote a letter to the editor of Grassroots Motorsports mentioning the MPCNC. I received an email back that they were interested in seeing my set up sometime in the future. When the new issue came out this month I found my letter had been published in the magazine. You have to love the bold quote on the left.


High five!!! That is Rad.

That quote, sums it up nicely…might make it seem a bit too easy but I’lll take it!

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Enjoy you 15 minutes of fame!. Your documentation is extensive and anyone reading through it should easily. understand the challenges of home built CNC machines. Of which, you have made it easier than I thought it could be. Honestly the biggest challenge is producing the gcode to run it. Which is the same challenge anyone purchasing a 3D printer would face.


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No way dude, that is your 15 minutes. You built it, I just had the website with some instructions.


You are to modest. But your fame has been a lot more than 15 min. Mentioned in numerous publications and allowing us to get our 15 minutes :smiley: and it is all because of you and a few others here that allow us to succeed at our endeavors but mostly you the creator and supporting actor to us all.


I searched around and could not find any other websites like yours. I am a big fan of Instructables and Thingaverse and scan through projects all the time. IMHO this is the coolest home built project on the planet!