MPCNC Modular Electronics Mount

MPCNC Modular Electronics Mount

has anyone tried using this Thing??

If so I am wondering if these 3 Panels wire directly to the Ramps 1.4v board?

Panel Volt Meter - 4.5V to 30VDC

Panel Current Meter - 0 to 9.99A

Panel Temperature Meter / -30 to +70 °C

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That mount was one of the first ones a long time ago, still seems pretty awesome but I have not used it.

The gauges you listed, none of them plug into the ramps each link has a wiring diagram and they are all standalone.

What are you trying to guage with those guages? i.e. what temperature are you interested in? What voltage are you interested in (it would be pretty boring to read the input, it’s not changing in any significant way).

Voltage and operating temperature and current of the laser. I want to use.

I believe i was incorrect these should go to the driver board for the laser

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I like that thing…