MPCNC, my winter 2018 project

Here’s my build. 24" square usable area, 3/4" EMT, PLA 3d Printed on my cheap Sunhokey i3. The Rambo-mini, belts, lead screw, steppers and bits sourced from here. The table is a bit odd because I built it to resurface a kitchen table we love, but the inlaid panels are mdf and they haven’t dealt with spills on the table well. I hope to be able to precisely remove the top of the swollen panels by placing the MPCNC on the table, clamping it down and milling out the about 1/4" of the panel. I’ll relocate the MPCNC about 8 times to get the whole table done. Then I’ll fill the cut out areas with epoxy.

Interesting, a planned project. Can’t wait to see how it goes. Lots of practice first!

Fixed the vid.

Thanks for fixing the video.

One other thing that may be a bit unique, I extended all the stepper wires to the board and then built a little dual header adapter to wire them in serial. I didn’t want to deal with wire harnesses and Someday I might upgrade the driver board and want to use dual end-stops.

I saw someone laser etch an entire table a bit at a time.