MPCNC new build from Sweden, white PETG

This project has kept me busy the last few weekends. Tonight I got as far as the test crown. Yay!

It’s printed in white PETG (.8 mm nozzle) and I used 25 mm tubing. Usable volume is 600 x 370 x 100 mm (23½ x 14½ x 4"). Used an old heavy/sturdy office desk, painted it black and made a pocket for the wasteboard. Got the Chinese spindle. Rest of the kit is from the webshop, including a RAMBo.

[attachment file=55514]

Nice! Looks like a really fun size should be easy to get familiar with.

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yeah, hope so, it’ll be fun. But it was also pleasure building the machine. Very slick design!

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Awesome, thanks for saying that!