Arduino Mega + RAMPS_1.6 + SDPAMPS + MK4duo + NEXTION 7“ +....= MPCNC ))
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Cool, all kinds of stuff I have never seen!

I am just looking into this. I have a 7" Nextion touchscreen screen here - They are wicked bits of kit.

Just looking to see if I can lift all the relevant data I need from the Rambo board and throw it across real-time to a second Arduino Mega or something.

Then it can be stand alone.

I think some LCDs use a serial port connection. That woudl be a good way to do it. You wouldn’t have to change the firmware, unless you wanted to set up another serial port.

I apologize for my English, I can speak Russian and German)) in the archive all the necessary files of those who would like to try and possibly improve. The only request is do not keep everything secret and publish here. My time limit for working on this project is unfortunately exhausted.

Nextion connects to Z + and Z- endstop (1.75 MB)