MPCNC or LowRider

Hello everyone, so i’ve always wanted to build the MPCNC so after i’ve decided to build it i’ve discovered the Lowrider so now i’m not sure which one to build is seems to me they’re the same thing can someone please explain to me what’s the difference between them

and i want to build the cnc to cut large pieces of wood and to mill aluminum (small pieces) and i’m thinking of adding a powerful spindle like a 1.5 - 2 KW spindle.

So what you guys think ?

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Definitely both. Start with the MPCNC and use that to cut parts for the lowrider.

The powerful spindle is probably not the best option for either.

what’s the best spindle i can get for the mpcnc and lowrider

The DeWalt 660 is the best choice for the mpcnc and the DeWalt 611 is the best choice for the low rider, but many many can be adapted to either. These two have a great history as good quality cutting tools, with a warranty and a great price (because they are meant to be sold in the millions and beat up on the job site).

thank you for your reply, thers ie’s still one thing that i still don’t understand what the main difference between the mpcnc and the lowrider

The MPCNC is smaller and extremely multi-functional, the LowRider CNC can be much larger.

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thank you this was really helpful