MPCNC part featured on Fusion 360 demo

I missed the live stream, but this showed up in my YT feed. The topic is ‘lofting’ and the example is a foot from MPCNC. Just thought I’d share… :slight_smile:


Huh, thanks for sharing. Pretty good exposure, although I hope creating and releasing drawings isn’t going against Ryan’s non-commercial copyright.

I was thinking the same thing. Nice exposure on one hand, but he’s essentially showing how to reverse engineer the part. I do hope that it helps more people find this great design!

Dude!!! I love it, I have no issues with people making my parts like this. Kinda one of the biggest reasons I do not release solid files. You can see what goes into making a “simple” foot. If you can do that you can make good design choices I would assume.

I don’t know about that. I can reverse engineer your parts but I don’t usually make good design choices. :slight_smile:

I WISH my poor choices were limited to design.


Fake it till you make it?

That’s my moto every day!!

In fact, I JUST did this with the LCD body to expand the size of the hole for the rotary knob so that it will actually press down. I “reverse engineered” it in Fusion 360 (meaning I hacked at it until I “think” I made the hole and surrounding support material large enough). It’s printing right now and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Edit: What a great video! Thanks for sharing that! I just wish he showed (or at least told) how he got all the dimensions - would make modifying parts easier to know that. I’m guessing he imported the mesh into Fusion and then did measurements on it. This is something I’m going to have to play with…

FYI, here’s another example that uses a MPCNC part for the demo.

Weird looking version of my parts but still cool!

once again



edit : already posted above, I missed this post.

The OP Lofting Video gave me hope for Fusion 360.
I have followed a couple of others as well.
It’s starting to make a bit of sense to me.

Thank you for posing that video.

I have started a play list that has helped introduce me in a good way to Fusion 360.

JVKMakerSpace Fusion 360 Play List