MPCNC Primo J printed parts

My mistake is your gain!
I mistakenly printed all the Primo J parts believing I could use 1" electrical conduit. When I looked up the price of stainless steel or DOM steel the boss, my wife, refused the cost for something that is essentially a new “toy”. I agree with her.

I am going to print the Primo C. This means I need to offload these J parts. All parts except the core are printed at 45% gyroid infill. The core is printed at 70% gyroid infill. I printed these in 3 colors (black, white and red) in Veracity filament from Filastruder. I have attached pictures. I’m asking for $60 plus shipping. Local pickup is available in Denver.


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FWIW, I bought dom from a local metal supermarket in denver. It was for a LR, but the price was good (but it was a while ago).

Metals Supermarket wants about $240 for DOM. I have an email to a local supplier but have yet to hear back.

Wow. I remember it being closer to $80.


Maybe they will ship from Texas.

How much to ship to Canada

It looks like it will be between $46 and $52 depending on location.

Summit Racing also has 1" dom. I got 4 8ft sticks for $70 but I picked it up local

Ok thanks

very interested… how much would shipping be to dubuque iowa 52001 ?

$21 for a USPS flat rate large box (I am not sure I could fit it in a medium with padding).

i am a little concerned with the quality of the prints , at least some in the picture … is there any chance i could see better pictures of any of the prints you consider to be the roughest or questionable or is it just the picture that makes them seem like some are flawed?
i wish there was a way to contact other then posting these questions and stuff right on here but i dont see any way to pm or anything

No problem, I completely understand wanting to understand the quality before purchase. White will always show off worse than any other color. Some of these had brims which you may notice in the pictures. I will get some close ups of all the colors so you can judge for yourself. Are there any pieces you are particularly concerned with?

More pictures:

I would take these if I could.

That said, it pays to shop around. The company that I work for sells structural tube. I got all of my 25.4mm (1") for cheap because I got it for a split between mill wholesale and retail. I can’t tell you what I paid, but we sell that stuff retail for about $1/foot Canadian, so that’s about $0.75 USD. The downside is you have to buy it in 20’ lengths, and the .065 wall tube is too thin to cut on our saws (Messes the blade up.) I cut mine to rough length in the parking lot. to put it in the car.

Just saying, look for places that sell structural tube locally, you might be able to get your 1" OD tube for less than the cost of 2 spools of filament.

Disclaimer: I didn’t get stainless (We don’t sell it) so this will take some maintenance, but if I haven’t had a problem with the bare steel of the tablesaw, planer and lathe in my garage, I doubt it’ll be much of a problem. I can also just replace the steel cheaply enough to just do it once a year if it comes to that.

EDIT: Helpful hint. The sales guys will sometimes sharpen their pencils a little if you’re doing something interesting with the steel, and I’d say that a DIY CNC is interesting.

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those look pretty good … the ones circled are a few that cought my eye and concerned me
sorry i had to repost this as you couldnt really see my circles

Steel 1" DOM, shipping is reasonable as well…

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Thanks for the pointer. Since someone expressed interest in the parts I will let him decide if he wants to purchase them or not. Depending on that, this is a good option.

I took some close ups, cleaned up some of the brim afterwards if any was left. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Those parts all look good to me.