MPCNC Primo Schneewittchen - Oldenburg, Germany

They can easily be put together but won’t hold without glue. :slight_smile:

Quite similar then!

You’d need to make the gaps like, 0.2mm smaller, then it might work. But I am gluing them anyway, so I don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Long time no mill, but today I made another box (which is quite nice, but that’s not the point). After fastening all my bolts etc. I can now say: My Z is perpendicular. Check out this more than sexy video of planing hardwood (beech), 2mm DOC, 16mm Endmill, 600mm/min, 75% stepover. And look at those shavings! :slight_smile: It works better than with my 3.175mm endmill. -_-

Here is the result:

Isn’t it great? :smiley:


Today I’d like to show you a project I am working on for the kids’ playhouse in the garden. I set myself the goal to make every window unique, so I am working on a window where the bottom half slides up. I know, you got a lot of those im America, but noone in Europe uses them. Like, really. Noone. At all.
When designing I also designed it that there would be a guide, but I made the sliders (?) the same thickness, plus they were warped and would not have moved. So I thought: Why not combine Woodworking with 3D printing and designed rails that are 1mm less thick and slightly round. It works like a charm, though they are not completely straight (had to print two because the mini only does 18cm, I needed 20). Hoping to finish the window tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to show it in the gallery.


I’m curious to see how they are supposed to be! It didn’t make much sense to me now, but it’s late and my head is vacation-foggy :exploding_head:

That’s pretty cool. We never had working windows on our little house project.

There you go:

Needs to be painted, obviously, the protective film has to go and it needs some syncolube or wax so it glides better. All in all I am pretty happy with it. :slight_smile:


I would use paste wax, or even a candle. It looks awesome.

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See, never heard of that. I used syncolube for our old drawers. Works as well, but might not last as long. Going to buy some paste wax. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Beeswax! Looks great :+1:

Schneewittchen is moving to a bigger home. I finally convinced my wife to not rent out our garage and storage room (which has been converted to a flat by the previous owner) but let me use it as a workshop. Schneewittchen and I are now going from ~6m² to 20, maybe more. To not mess up the cables at the new place, I put some coloured dots on the wiring before disconnecting it. Just to be sure. And now I might finally not be too lazy to update her with the tape measure trick. Updates on the new workshop are going to follow in the coming weeks.


More toys for daddy…


Congrats on getting a bigger workshop! Happy daddy, happy life!

Finally finished that tape measure trick. :blush:

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I finally had some spare time. French cleat going up.

When I am done with a few more different boxes I will create a thread in the “Things you have made” section and make the plans available for everyone.


Oooh, nice concept! Now you’re giving me ideas :grinning:

If you need some inspiration: :smiley:


Nice French cleat implementation. I like the tabbed boxes on them.

Plans for the French Cleat here: French Cleat by Toko.

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