MPCNC Primo Verkauf bei Ebay Kleinzeigen unzulässig?


folgende Thematik.
Ich war bis vor 2 Tagen fröhlich am Primo Drucken, bis mir meine Frau am Montag mitteilte das ich zu meinem Geburtstag eine Portalfräse geschenkt bekomme.
Soweit so gut, ich mich also erstmal riesig gefreut.
Dann dachte ich mir, naja die Teile die ich bereits hier habe, setze ich bei Ebay Kleinanzeigen rein.

Ja Pustekuchen als ich heute meine Postfach öffnete
“Lieber Nutzer!
Deine Anzeige wurde gelöscht, da uns ein Rechteinhaber auf deine Anzeige aufmerksam gemacht hat und seine Rechte durch deine Anzeige verletzt sieht”

Wollte doch lediglich meine bereits erstellten Teile abgeben da ich keinen Platz für 2 Fräsen habe.

Kann mir hier jemand weiterhelfen ?

On Ebay, it’s frowned upon. But feel free to put them up in the For Sale forum here.

@vicious1 has to be protective of selling the parts on the open market (even if the claim is made that they are spares) due to unpleasant issues in the past. He has licensed vendors who are allowed to print and sell the pieces (mostly in Europe, to save on shipping), but any other sales should go through the For Sale forum here. I’m sure there are some smaller, local swap and sell listings that don’t get enough attention to trigger a take down, but Ebay is high visibility enough to warrant a license issue.

Again, I doubt Ryan has an issue with you selling the parts you no longer need, but in order to prevent unscrupulous “vendors” from causing no end of headaches, he has to protect himself on wide-reaching platforms such as Ebay.

okay, I can see that, I just don’t want to lose my Ebay classifieds account.
It’s really only because my family gave me a portal milling machine for my birthday. Have already written an email to Ryan about this. -.- Here in the forum is also all well and good, but I doubt that someone comes close to me and sending the parts including screws and pipes will not be cheap either

I understand, and I’m sure you and Ryan will be able to figure out the situation. He’s actually a quite reasonable guy. He’s just been burned in the past, so he tends to be proactively careful. Also, the take down could have been triggered by one of his licencees, given that it would appear that your ad would be an infringement of their license. (You selling on their turf.)


It can of course be possible that the one “dealer” in Germany feels pissed off.
Well, I’ll wait and see what ryan answers / recommends. I just created the sales thread here on the forum. Maybe it will work here too

Primo + Schraubenset + Rohre wegen Portalfräse

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Hi, If you did not buy it from me and are reselling it your only option currently is selling here in the forums. Things seem to move fast so it should not be a big deal.

Ebay as you can tell is brutal to deal with. I did not issue the report and have not heard from whomever did.

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This is of course annoying, as there are still some advertisements that sell parts with the name “mpcnc”, so this can only have been reported by the one “distributor” based in Germany.
Well, if I can’t sell it here (since most of them don’t live in my area) I’ll probably mothball the parts as an expensive souvenir.
Thank you for your prompt reply

Please give me the links to any other unauthorized sellers. Just because they are doing it and not been reported yet does not mean I am singling you out.


There are quite a few users from Germany here. You don’t have anything to lose.

N/m. I misread your post. I see it is already up.