MPCNC Primo with 550W Spindle on 8020 Series 15 base - Louisville, KY


I am selling my fully functional MPCNC Primo build. PICKUP ONLY in Louisville, KY.
The MPCNC sits on top of a sturdy 8020 series 15 profile table, with a shelf underneath for storage and electronics. It comes with a 52mm 500W spindle. Bed has been surfaced.

Here are the detailed specs:

  • MPCNC Primo build - 655x375mm working area
  • Dual End stops and auto-squaring
  • 8020 series 15 table - 35" wide x 24.5" deep by 39" tall (to the top of the trucks)
  • Z Axis touch probe
  • Spindle control knob + Power Supply
  • Spindle ON/OFF switch
  • RAMPS 1.4 + Arduino Mega
  • 5 x A4988 drivers

Pictures are located here:



is this still available ? If so what is the price and is the work area 14.7 x 14.7 x 2.5?

Hi, that’s a typo. It’s 655mm == 25”
Looking to get $625 for it


This has been sold!