MPCNC Primo with SKR Pro and RRF Firmware


I build my MPCNC Primo with the BigtreeTech SKR Pro V1.2 dual Endstops and uses the RepRapFirmware with an ESP WiFi Web Interface.

The RRF Firmware is much better than Marlin for me because you can change mostly everything on the Machine without recompile and flash the firmware again and again…

If someone is interested I can share the config

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I’d be interested in giving it a shot if you don’t mind sharing.

I have installed a upper Z end stop and dual stops on X and Y, the stops also wired low level triggered. So the switch disconnects between the pin and gnd if triggered.

To controll it over wifi you need an adapter or can solder it your self, details and the firmware for the SKR Pro board and ESP can found here:

I do have build my MPCNC with 1200 x 800 x 150mm size, so you need to adopt the config.g the M208 S0 values and also the values in the homeall.g homex.g homey.g homez.g too.

Today BTT also release a update for their TFT Firmware which makes it usable for the first time with RRF and Printing --> Not the CNC Version but is is promising that we will see here some progress soon to. (239.4 KB)

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Are you using NO Endstops?

I have a SKR, endstops NO, and they are not working when i try to home :frowning:

This sounds like Normally Closed endstops to me.