MPCNC Printed Parts and Wiring Kit

I’ve decided to use a different hobbyist CNC machine. As a result, I’m selling my MPCNC 23.5mm-Burly, Parts Bundle-6A RAMBo Dual Firmware, and Wire kit. Items were purchased from this website in March and April 2019. Please be advised this is a first itineration design. I also have available the DeWalt 660 router. No bits for sale. Parts bundle is $275. The router is $50. I will ship items via USPS Priority Mail to the continental US. Send PM for questions.


Printed parts will be mailed to whomever wants them (CONUS only) via USPS Priority Mail.

Receiver pays for postage.

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I’m in Washington. I’ll pm you

Are the printed parts still available?


The printed parts are no longer available.