MPCNC Problem Solide Stage Relais with LED Ring

I have a solid state relay of the type: Carlo Gavazzi RM1A23D25 on my Arduino board

I use this to switch for 220V AC, it works really well here.

Now I have made my connection to the SSR, but this time 24 volts. These go to a VRM module which then outputs 12 volts DC. Behind it I switched an LED ring with 12 volts.

The problem is the following:

If I have no load on the system (no VRM and LED ring on), I can switch the 24 volts really clean.

Does the VRM module and the LED ring hang on it doesn’t it?

Please help… do I need another SSD relay? If so, which? Or do I need to increase the amperage.

Attached is the circuit diagram.

Greetings Raini.

I don’t have the electronics background to give you a definitive answer, but I’m not surprised the ring does not light up given the SSR is rated for 25A at 265V. The load is just too light. Unless you are using the SSR for PWM, I suggest a simple, inexpensive mechanical relay module.

Many are rated for 100,000 electrical cycles, and there is no minimum current.

If it must be an SSR, then one of the 2A SSR modules should do the job even with the light load.

That solid state relay is only for AC, and you are attempting to switch DC.

Typically the AC solid state relays only cut power when the current crosses zero, so they can avoid high voltage spikes that are generated when the circuit is opened while current is flowing. With a DC current, it won’t work properly.

I agree with @robertbu that a regular physical relay is a good choice, or a solid state relay intended for DC. SSRs for DC will generally have lower voltage or current ratings, but for your application that is okay.

I have to asume that the DC24 volt block is a AC to 24 vdc power supply that you are switching the AC side to power it on. Which the SSD Relay is made to do.
The VRM is designed to convert a 4 to 32 Volt DC input to a output of your choosing , in this case 12 vdc. The input is protected with a diode to prevent reversing the the input . The SSD needs AC to switch. So this will not work.
If you are wanting to turn on the DC 24 volt supply and the led ring at the same time; you just need to connect the VDM input to the output of the 24Vdc supply.

How much current does your led ring draw? I would guess something like an amp. You could switch that with a MOSFET after the DC converter.

I also like using the uln2003a chip, which is a series of Darlington transistors. You can use one for 500mA, or gang several for more current capacity.