MPCNC Projects for 2017

I thought I would share some of the projects I did this year with the help of my MPCNC.





Some more from 2017


Heck yes, my favorite kind of thread. I need to add all these to the gallery ASAP.

You do great work, thank you for taking the time to share it!

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Last one… for 2017

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Great work. I really love the IBEW one. The Patriots one also really pops.

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What a fun idea.

I started over with a new machine from scratch this year.

Trying to get better at milling aluminum, using the laser.

jeffeb3…I’m even trying a PiCNC hat with GRBL soon.

Ryan…thank you again for a great machine…Best Wishes for 2018


Excellent work. How did you go about cutting that foam in your glock box?


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Whoa, You have been busy, the colors really bring those to life.


I used a 1mm for the lid foam and a 3mm for the pistol and magazine cutouts. I got the foam from a NC company called Carolina Custom Foam. It’s denser than standard gun case foam. I don’t know if we can submit links here, but if you google that it should take to their page.

I will be doing the same for the Springfield Armory box, just waiting for the foam.

I love that Springfield lid. Looks amazing. I might have to steal your idea for some boxes in the future. All your projects look great!

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Jonny. The Springfield box is still in progress. Will post more pics when it’s done.

Wow, great work sean. Definitely have an artistic talent about you. On that note, how in the world did you paint these? Usually on something one color its no big deal to just paint the whole piece of stock that one color and mill out the details, but with several colors?? Please spread your wisdom my friend.