MPCNC Roller assembly that fits a 10mm rod?

I’m trying to resurrect a “pile of parts” 3d printer and am having trouble with the existing Y-axis bearing mounts (printed IGUS holders).

Does someone have a scaled down version of an MPCNC roller assembly that would fit on a 10mm smooth rod?

I’m pretty sure there is one on thingiverse, but it’s gonna take a little digging, I’ll see if I saved it anywhere .

Might be better to try and upscale the 8mm bearings to fit 10mm…

You can get LM10UU bearings fairly easy…just look online


Follow up to this: I reprinted some of the bearing holders (a LulzBot, so original .STL was available) a little slower than the originals were printed at and was able to get the bed mounted.