MPCNC Router

I am interested in getting the MPCNC but I would like to know if I can use the Dewalt 660 or the Dewalt 618.


If you search a little around in the forums, you’ll find plenty of threads on this topic.

660 is the clear winner. It has all the power you need AND a primo mount.
The only advantage on the larger router is speed control, but you give up weight (more sagging, slower accelerations), footprint (sticks out more), and rigidity (sticks out more), and cost (660 is about 60 bucks in the states) unless you already own the larger router.
There is a diy speed control setup for the 660 if you’re up to it, it’s on my list. Looks like for the price of a larger router (about) you get the advantages of the 660 and the speed control we all want. It just isn’t a drop in.

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Maybe @jamesfisherabc can give you some real world feedback from his experience.

We use the 618, it’s a beast and has about a half mm sag on a 4 foot span. We are using it to cut carbon steel. I originally got it for the low speed, but we found the best cutting speed was much higher.

Over the last year, the only problem I’ve seen is the wheels have bowed out a little on the gantry. Doesn’t effect anything:

If I did it again, I would just use what was recommended. But my thought process was I’d use what I knew would work. It was over kill.

I just realized you said MPCNC. We used it on the low rider. I would never use the larger router in the MPCNC, I have not used the Primo, the burley is a hard no.


Thanks to those who replied. I will use what is recommended even though I already have the 618 router. Gives me another reason to buy another tool.


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I always appreciate a good excuse for buying new tools!