Mpcnc - Stroke Rehabilitation Project

Just doing the final tweaking on my machine. Got the mechanical things mostly aligned and the motors spinning in the right direction. Tomorrow I will plot out the crown and make final adjustments. I hooked it up to a Rasp pi 2 and will run cncjs and Repetier Server on the pi. I started printing this about two years ago, and had a stroke so was put on the self. I ended up moving to Taiwan due to health insurance issues, so I ended up having to print out the 25.5 J version and scrap my original prints. Pipe size was not available so start over. Many thanks to Ryan for making this available to the community!! Also many thanks to everyone on the forum and to all who posted youtube videos. My stroke affected my cognitive center, logic, and memory, so this was the best form of therapy to exercise the brain. Thank you all for your help!

Well the MPCNC as a form of therapy, that is a first. If that is the case I will keep making new stuff to keep your brain active, I’ll send the therapy bill bi-monthly!

Thanks for the kind words. The build looks good so far. Welcome to the crew.

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Thanks Ryan. I think the milled 3d printer will be the next project.