MPCNC-Südbaden (Germany)


here are some pictures from my build. Material is PLA, Ø25mm stainless-steel tubes and some other stuff. Spindle is a 0,8 KW China-spindle with 1,5 KW FC. Control via UNO R3, CNC-Shield V3, 8825 drivers and estlecam. Working space is 610x405x125mm.

[attachment file=102434]

[attachment file=102435]

[attachment file=102436]

[attachment file=102437]


after some little improvements and extensions it works great.

Plotting Vinyls & t-shirt transfer foil also works great.

[attachment file=102438]

[attachment file=102439]

[attachment file=102440]

regards Stephan


AWESOME! Welcome to the crew, love the 2 color vinyl.