MPCNC Tubing Lenght

Hi my name is Moe and new to this forum. I’m a retired Machinist but have no experience in CNC programmable machine. All my shop equipment were mechanically operated. So being in RC Modeling for many years, I decided to build a MPCNC. I will have not problem doing the assembly, however the programing to make every thing work will surely be a challenge. I’m planning to make my CNC capable to cut 24" X 48" using 1" stainless tubing. My first question is how much wider and longer should be my tubing be so to have enough travel room for the cutting head to do a 24" X 48" cut? Planning to purchase the Vicious 1 printed part kit 25.4 mm

Hi Moe,

Since you will be using a foam cutter as a tool that size should be okay, but typically a smaller machine makes the CAM side of things easier.

There are calculators on this page,

That should get your really close you just need to know if your intended tool will need some extra room. If you ask of of the foam cutting gurus they might be able to tell you if/how much extra room you need.

The software isn’t too bad, most of us have stumbled through it and have ended up learning a lot. Now the software is easier than ever to use and most the kinks have been worked out of the hardware, software, firmware. Luckily I think Jason has done a few walk through’s from design to cutting of foam parts so that will make things really easy for you.

Good luck




Thanks Ryan for your reply. Second Question is that I would also like to be able to use a 3D printing head and what I read the shorter the XYZ the better. So that said I was going to build it frame 24" X 48" but decided to go 24" X 36" , would that work for 3D printing? Or should I build a second smaller dimension MPCNC for 3D printing? Moe

Build it for a specific purpose, and then see how another purpose fits your chosen machine dimensions.

The Z axis length has the most effect by far of any axis, a large machine and a short z will still print decently. You had a hard number of 24x48, if you can go smaller build it smaller. Trying to fit a full sheet of something in the machine isn’t ideal. Fit it to your largest part.

Most every single build starts this way. Have to have one size, then comes 3D printing , then the possibility of aluminum milling, laser ect. It can do all of those things but each one has a different speed/rigidity need. The smaller the machine the more things you can do with it.

You can very easily and cheaply change the size of the machine. Build it small and learn how to use it and then expand it from there if you see fit.

Thanks again Ryan for your reply, I see what your saying, there so many possibility with those MPCNC and we like to be able to do them all, but setting size for one might not be good for another, that I do understand after all this reading. So I will build it for my main purpose and that cutting Foam and Vinyl, will keep my Z short. Will be getting a second setup for wood carving with smaller XY and a bit taller Z for the router and thickness of the wood. That second setup is for my brother that already been doing a lots of wood turning. Moe


Just build if for the foam. Do some learning with it. Before the second one gets built. There are so many variables I will never give exact numbers. The only thing I can say is once you try it the rest should start to make sense. Save 3D printing for last you would not believe me if I told you but it is twice as hard as milling. Milling can screw up at any point but after your get a few little cuts in it should be clear how it works, 3D printing for the most part the biggest hurdle is the first layer.