MPCNC with Double Belt Setup

Dang, I like the look of a well done wiring job. I wish I had the patience to do it myself. :slight_smile:

Hello Leon

Nice work there!

I have printed the original and the double belt parts from your videos on youtube.

Now I see you have changed it back to single belt, are the belt tensioners you use made for your double belt corner?
Can you upload this on thingiverse too?


Here you go:

I think your belt tensioner should be mirrored, left and right side right?

Right, I uploaded the mirrored version just yesterday ;).

Hey guys, this is my first post.
First i wanna give a huge thanks to Ryan and all this great community that made this possible, its huge for me.
I’m slowly building an MPCNC, its a mix between Leon design and the original 25mm OD burly.
It will be single 9mm belt.
I want to use the corner pieces of Leon design, anyone knows if it works with burly version?
Ryan mentioned about the importance of printing the burly spacers in other thread… this got me thinking… is the burly spacers bigger than the 25mm originals? if so i could shim the corner pieces of Leon design…
thanks in advance

Hello Leon, first of all thank you for all your videos about MPCNC it convinced me to build one of my own :slight_smile: I have already prepared the mechanical parts but as I am no electrician I struggle a lot in figuring out how to connect Ramps 1.5 board with TMC2208 and power them separately, also I would like to control my AMB FME-P spindle with ramps what should I do? I have a lot of questions sorry about that. And once again thanks for your supportive posts and helpful videos !