MPCNC with enclosure

I finished my MPCNC earlier this year and finally got around posting something here. It works pretty well with wood and PCBs and actually worked the first time I did a real test. The working area is about 2’x2’. The enclosure has removable plexiglass windows and does block a lot of the sound of the spindle. I posted some pictures here:

What are the red clips holding the wood are they 3D printed? Thanks RenZ

Wow, that is a nice site! Clean just like your build I am impressed. Thanks for sharing.

love the enclosure :slight_smile:

@Renegadez, the hold down clamp can be found here ->

Thanks! The machine worked so well it deserved a good enclosure.

@Alvin, I used these knobs and these clamps The clamps do flex some when they are tight which really holds things in place.

Thanks for sharing that enclosure is mad sickness!!! Your work inspires!

@renegadez, I have posted a much more detailed explanation about how I build the enclosure. Hope it helps!

Sorry, but I was unable to get the Wordpress link to work.


Sorry about that, I am not very familiar with wordpress and used the wrong url. That link above should work. Thanks Barry!

Tad thank you for this I am starting my build of the CNC I recieved all the stainless and parts kit from Vicious I will attack this table ASAP Thanks So much!!