MPCNC with laser, hold non-flat material in place

What has been used to hold thin material that does not lay in flat to the grid surface waste board for laser cutting.
I cut primarily 3mm 3 ply poplar wood and 90% of the time it does not lay flat to the waste board.
In the past I would use strips of painters tape glued back to back to hold the work material to the spoil board, but with the air assist laser a gap is needed below.
Not really sure if the tape method will work appropriately with the air assist laser

What you can do depends on your laser bed solution. See this video for 10 ideas. I’m using an aluminum honeycomb for my bed, so that limits what I can do. Currently I’m using sheet metal and 16 oz lead ingots. I place the sheet metal to just overlap the edge of the stock and then place the lead on the sheet metal at a distance to avoid collisions with the Z axis and laser module.