mpcnc z-axis stalling

mpcnc build with all recommended components from V1 engineering is having an issue with the z-axis movement. Threaded rod is sufficiently lubricated and the bore hole for the threaded rod to pass through is clear. z-axis also has to weight at this time. Any ideas how to solve this conundrum?

There are a number of things you can check depending on the specific symptoms. What is actually happening with your z-axis? Not moving? Skipping steps? Cutting at the wrong height?

Generally, I’d first check the tension bolts on the middle assembly aren’t too tight and check the settings in EstlCAM for rapids limit the z-axis movement speed appropriately.

We could help a bit more with some pictures of your MPCNC setup, more specific symptoms, and what CAD/CAM and settings you are using.

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This gets my vote.

When my Z axis was stalling after building my MPCNC, I had to loosen the screws of the T8 nut and tighten them again, to give it the chance to center itself. Obviously it was not in line with the motor axle.