Mostly Printed Dot Matrix Printer!

Took a little over 20 hours to mill out.

Hard to believe that was 22 years ago!

Very creative use of the MPCNC. Nice work.


Also, it’s a serious torture test for the threaded rod! Need to check it out later and see how much wear I put on it! I put some extra lithium grease on it before the cut just in case. I wasn’t going to watch it for 20 hours, so it just did it’s thing out in the barn till it was done. I need to find a better cutter that doesn’t leave the little craters in the mdf cut edges. I think it would look better without those.

That’s amazing, what software did you use? Did you paint the board first?

I used estlcam. Just open a photo, black and white works best, it’s fairly straight forward from there. Once you get it the way you like it, close the settings window and then save it as a CNC file. Oh, it has to use an engraving bit. I think mine is a 3/8" 60deg wood bit.

I painted the MDF first for a contrast. Going to cut it to size tonight and shoot it with come clear poly to keep it from absorbing moisture.

That is amazing. Thanks for sharing

I thought it’s a laser engrave picture at first, but wow that’s freakin’ awesome using an engraving bit.

Stuck a french cleat on the back of it, now it’s hanging in the living room. Check out the album link on the first post, I added a couple pictures.