Mrrf 2017

I was looking over their site. Does it say anywhere what kind of speeds gains they estimate?

Well they use shapeways of last november, SO that kind of explains the high price.

Yea, they tried a kickstarter to get the funds to have injection molds created and whatnot, but didn’t make the goal, so they’re doing it this way to get their name out. One of the creators/engineers has been on the seemecnc forums for a couple months now, and I think a couple of the guys have used some prototype units.

This right here is the bee’s knees though!

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The berd air pump works great for me. Using it on a Mini Kossel Delta. I currently have it hanging off the side with a tywrap as I have not made a mount yet. MPCNC parts are the priority :slight_smile: I run the lightweight tubing to the round nozzle. The mount will be the next project and attach it to the bottom frame. I use his eSwitch kit The MakerHive - Shop Home and run it about 40%. Too much more and it cools the nozzle down too much.

What a great show and big thanks to Ron for bringing his machine and vicious1 for answering a lot of my dumb questions. Seeing the machine in action really brought together a lot of concepts for me as I have never dealt w/ CNC machines. Next year I’m hoping to have another MPCNC at the show, maybe we can get a gaggle of us in the corner somewhere where we can kick up a lot of noise and dust and fun :smiley:

A Gaggle!!! That made me laugh first thing in the morning, thanks for using that word.

A year is a long time, Maybe I can squeak out some new parts by then, or something completely different. Can’t wait!

I see Barry in this one!