MRRF 2018, Ideas?

For completeness sake, I changed the arc resolution setting to 0.1mm as you suggested and reran the logo gcode file. Definitely seems inproved. I also had to update the firmware as I had no clue what was flashed previously… had to remap D9 to pin 44 for laser control, and set in steps/mm for X/Y, etc.

[attachment file=56997]

[attachment file=56998]

[attachment file=56999]

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Wow huge improvement. I guess I need to make the change then. Looking into some different wiring harnesses as well. So many things…

Finally, and not surprisingly, slowing down improves things greatly. Feed of 600 mm/min and half-power (128… to avoid cardboard fire) gives

[attachment file=57025]

[attachment file=57026]

That’s cool. The ‘I’ definitely looks like my grandpa’s handwriting though. Is that the cardboard surface?

I thought it looked more like my hand-writing… 71 years will do that to you. Not sure really… the "I"s in “ENGINEERING” are slightly different and all the linework is [to me] alarmingly “shakey” in close like that. That is some heavy cardboard from a mattress box… but it seems smooth enough to not be the culprit. But maybe…

[attachment file=57035]

Maybe try your laser burning on some Masonite? That stuff is very smooth.

The Lulzbot touch screen experiment panel finally arrived.

I just looked through the files to get this working…yikes. I think I will need to shelf it for a bit. There is a lot to digest in there. I think I can get it working but it might be one hell of a rabbit hole once I get started if it doesn’t work right away.

Is there an image file this came from? I have something in mind I want to do…

I swear I have the files for the 2019 MRRF linked somewhere, DXF and Gcode.

Yeah I saw the DXF. Was wondering if it was based off of a SVG or some file with colors or shading.

No, I pulled the DXF from solidworks ISO view. I am not sure what type of file I can get with color other than the renders I have up already.

Is the 2019 one any different? I am going to make this and frame it at some point…

Hmmm, not sure it does say MRRF2019 on it though. So if it is going on a wall maybe the 2018 is the better one.

I don’t see a dxf. I downloaded the zip file in the post i quoted and it’s a .e10 file. What in the world is that?


oh, it’s estlcam.

I do not see a way to export it. Here are the two dxf’s I used. (647 KB)

Kinda funny I have permission to upload any file type…even I get spam filtered.

lol, I was like… there ain’t no file attached!



It’s for our protection, really. :slight_smile:

I’ll trust my shop with his machine shoving a spindle running at 20,000 RPM from tearing it up, but I don’t trust my laptop with a zip file from his website :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Trust has got to be earned, man… :wink: