MRRF 2018, Ideas?

Dam even there packaging is sexy…Mine will be in several pieces in a suitcase wrapped in an old blanket. Can’t wait to see it in action.

Bring a heavy coat. All this happened last night. They’re calling for 40’s tomorrow with snow Saturday.

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Noooooooo, snow is too cold fro my Cali bones…

The drawings I have for MRRF are coming out so freaking good I had to up the arc resolution by 10x’s… I honestly had no idea that a 0.1mm arc resolution would ever be needed or would be noticeable! Night and day difference with a 0.3mm pen strapped on there. Kinda blown away, not to toot my own horn here but dayyyymmmmm.

Can’t keep it to myself. The “c” is almost legible and it is the same size as the date on a penny… I am going to see if there is a more fine pen.

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With that fine a line, you might consider drawing a PCB. I was surprised at the results I got when testing with a regular ball point pen. A fine point on good medium could be impressive.

[attachment file=“KiCad & FlatCAM.jpg”]

Wow, nice. Your right the paper is really not the best as it almost makes the ink bleed. Your PCB is pretty good and with a regular ball point even.


Ron are you coming to Merf?

I will be there at noon tomorrow!

Ryan! I am very excited about this small detailed work. I have some small aluminum engraving I have been wanting to try. This gives me higher hopes that the tiny letters may come out clean.

Ron, I had no idea Friday was a thing. I swear the site said Friday at 5-9 for setup when I booked my flight and room. So Hopefully I will be there before 5. Actually the site still say 3pm…Only the email says noon. Bummer I wouldn’t have minded a few extra hours.

Johnny, Me too. It is better than I expected. I never usually care about such fine detail…I am framing one for sure.

I have the last spot next to me. look for the flashing star on the wall.

It was nice meeting you Ryan

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Oh jeez, that second pic is ridiculously dweeby…puke…But it is not the only dorky pic I have.


Super dork pic with Brook of Printrbot. We had the opportunity to have areal talk. So awesome.


Barry and I drooling over Lulzbots advances. Can’t wait to try it out.


Got the opportunity to talk to Scott of ThinkyHead / Marlin Mastermind Fame. Talked with Tom From YouTube a few times. He Has some CNC plans for sure…More info coming soon (really nervous). Tom from Digital Machinist fame, came and hung out he also brought his build and sent lots of people my way. Dave from MatterHackers also came by for a great conversation.


The cherry on the cake was getting to shake some hands with you guys and have a real conversation face to face. That is so extremely refreshing. You guys all from such varying backgrounds, freaking fantastic time.

The negatives of MRRF 2018 more people and more tables in the same amount of space. It makes getting around really hard and getting to talk to someone without being in the way of a million people trying to just get by. In three very crazy days, I rarely got the opportunity to leave the table, awesome that that many people stopped in to chat but I did not get to see anything. Barry and I made two quick laps. Ron was next to me the entire time and we never got the opportunity to talk to each other for more than maybe 2 minutes.

High five to you both Ron and Barry, Love Hanging out even if we don’t get much time to talk.

Eagerly awaiting some youtube videos to see what I missed.


That reminds me. Did Dave say the newer mattercontrol with the CNC stuff was in alpha, or github?

I am not seeing anything new on github or beta so I am assuming Alpha.

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I used a 0.3mm pen and I think it could still be nicer if it didn’t bleed so much…But super stoked with the results.

Anyone wanna try the gcode, it is dual endstop starting with the pen at the surface (I started a bit higher as the Z was set for 1mm)

logoMPCNC.gcode (646 KB) (1.94 MB)


Might have to look out for this event next year. It’s been a long while since I’ve taken a weekend vacation for myself :slight_smile:

Highly recommend it. Each person is very excited and passionate about whatever they brought. Very few sales pitches. Hard to describe how easily it is for an introvert like myself to get into long conversations with complete strangers at MRRF.